The British Columbia Secondary School Motorsport Association (BCSSMA) was incorporated under the Society Act in the spring of 1992, by a group of Greater Vancouver Secondary School Technical Studies Teachers, along with one Science Teacher.  The goals of the BCSSMA are to encourage high school completion and responsible living and character development by the students' involvement in motorsport competition.  Through the activities of the Association, students are taught that auto racing can be done in a safe and responsible manner.  The BCSSMA has experienced continual growth since its inception.

The BCSSMA's program is unique to high school drag racing since the secondary schools are directly involved.  Although the real emphasis is on getting students out in their own cars, of the over 30 high schools currently holding membership in the Association, many have competing cars that are maintained and driven by their Automotive Program Students.  B.C.'s "student" drivers have won the 1991, 92, 95, 96, 99, 01, 06 and 2019 NHRA Division 6 High School Championships.

BCSSMA Wall of Fame
NHRA Division 6 High School Finals:

1991 Chad Brown (Semiahmoo Sec.) Ashcroft
1992 Jason Holmes (Hatzic Sec.) Seattle
1995 Parm Johal (Killarney Sec.) Yakima
1996 Lance Mooney (Duchess Park Sec) Ashcroft
1999 Clint Steele (Merritt Sec) Medford
2001 Nicole Brandner (Duchess Park Sec.) Boise
2006 Mark Dyck (Abby Christian) Medford
2019 Shelby Dawson (Correlieu Sec.) Seattle